Logistics services of General Security Department of the Ministry of Azerbaijan have all the necessary supplies and equipment to provide the highest level of protection. Auto-motor-transport Park was fully equipped with protective devices and equipment, the necessary means of communication and alarm, arms and ammunition.

Attention is paid to the General Security Department in the preparation of highly qualified personnel. Courses in preparation for a training center office are all professionals. Moreover, the new sports complex is equipped with all that employees need to be physically prepared for the regular training. At the same time, to show proper react habits in extreme situations which are similar to the real situation in maximum degree the staff of security services improve skills for the firing from firearms.

General Security Department in its work on the automatic safety systems does not attract special attention. Since 1999, more than 10 years as the General Security Department is cooperating with the company “Yarasa” ("Bat"). As a result of the company's work with GSD was established "Yarasa-informer" information and technical services. The challenge of "Yarasa-informer" service is of observing in a centralized manner the objects protected for 24 hours.

The used equipment in service of "Yarasa-informer" has been bought by a company from the United States. This technique means have specifically a trusted source – it produced to meet the needs of the military-industrial complex in the U.S. and also this is due to the fact that it has a high degree of reliability.

If there is danger or excited state in the protected object, from the warning devices installed here to the remote controls of the duty guard at the same time via two channels - the signal enters via radio and telephone line. After that the information is transferred in the sudden shift to a special group of armed protection in the region. Alarm signal’s entering remote control and Security Department staff’s coming to the scene usually do not take more than three or four minutes. During this time, to respond to an alarm signal is consistent with accepted international standards. The quality of services rendered to the state standards - The main distinctive feature differ Main Security Office from the special protection companies.

Interior Ministry's General Security Department has more than half a century of history and rich experience and guarantees payment of damage caused to the owners which may arise as a result of events, in contrast to private security agencies.

One of the other key features of the security services from private agencies is to ensure protection of the armed forces of the property owner.