About General Security Department

General Security Department under the contract, work safety and the safety of property owners and security services in the independent structural part of the funds received under the contract. Office of Inspector General-Office of organizational structure, Service department, Technical means of protection department, Human Resurses department, Finance and Planning Department, Logistics Department, General Department of Protection of the administrative building, Duty parts management service, the Secretariat, working with a private group, enforcement station computer center, sports complex includes.
The main duties of the Head Office are:

• To organize the protection and safety of property owners on the basis of contracts
• Improvement of security services and security measures in order to pay its own costs of the development and implementation;
• the provision of facilities for the installation of alarm through the implementation of the implementation of technical controls, the adoption of the operation, repair and maintenance services to provide;
• protection against illegal to legal and natural persons, property, protection from the property for this purpose, equipped with alarm devices to implement measures to
• To carry out other duties as defined by law