Protection Using stationary police and civil security posts

This type of security is used in check-in services, or commercial facilities, parkings, at filling stations (refueling point), shops and so on. It is used in places like this. In this case, the total length of the line as a rule does not exceed 150 meters.

Protected object is planned to be fixed in post must have certain security requirements. For example, for areas that should be protected - to prevent unauthorized access or damage it is necessary the existence of any fence. At the same time, the facility filled with water, sand in the drawers, as well asthe fire extinguishersisnecessary for such conditions. Rooms located in the area should importantly have protecting doors, windows and cages (as one of the options in windows bearing to damage). For the storage of documents and material values is necessary to use the safe-box.

Stationer safety checkpoint can be supplied by of specific technicalmeans. Technical means such as auto-lifting, automatic gates and doors open systems, and so on. included. As a rule, both the video surveillance system is installed in such areas.

If you have provided for the protection of any object, then the officers in charge of the fixed post duty on the check-in system is responsible for. This iscarried out to prevent theft or damage of property, the object from armed attack, and whenit is necessarythe internal control over compliance with the regime of discipline.