Protection using the Period police or civil defense posts (auto, motor-, pedestrian routes)

One or a few objects of type are applied to protect criminal intervention. In such cases it is more than 150 meters of the boundaries of the area should be protected, to be carried out through the revolving around it. In this case, depending on the distance of the patrol work can be accomplished on foot and through auto-motor transport means.

The application of such a security the patrol depending on the type of the object which is under the protection walks from time to time in an area in his liability. He protects all protected objects in this areafrom being harmedand from the access of outsiders. In cause an alarm in the event of any situation, patrol officers via radio immediately calls a person on duty to send help and implement all appropriate measures to remedy the violation.

Usually this method is used for the protection of the facility at night. It effects wellif the patrol method is used in conjunction with other security systems or if the protected object‘s joining the center enforcement’s remote control is impossible.