Protection by the application of a centralized security center

This method of ensuring property protection (as well as the interference of criminals, and that the fire)can be ideally used at the time of service to the great number of different objects located in a sufficient distance from each other. Such facilities may be apartments and private property, as well as offices, shops and warehouses, etc.

The collection of information about the situation of the protected area orin the district is carried out by means of automatic surveillance systems. Even when there is no emergency such systems send alarm to Centralized Security Center. And the center specialists immediately react in response to this signal analyzing the situation take measures.

The advantage of this type of protection of course is available. Because of modern technical means’ "sense" is so high that they can receive the most minor changes in the object. Automation reacts to the gentle rustle, squeak, the sound of glass squeezed out. Of course, the valor of automatic devices are relatively large, they prefer physical protection. Besides all of them during the application of machines continuous monitoring is held and the "human factor" is in the possibility of an exception.