One of the main structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a reliable way to protect public safety of General Security Department, and in conjunction with the Ministry of structural units successfully perform the functions of the fight against crime. It is clear that in the first ranks of the list of unlawful actions committed by criminals in the last decade stood the crime in connection with the violation of property rightsof citizens and legal persons. According to the list of crimes of this type took placeapartments, garages, warehouses and industrial property values in the theft.

However, the object to be protected is delegated to the General Security Department;itgoes down to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access. Thus, only 2 months of the year in 2014 by the employees of the company have been prevented 41 cases of theft, the offender, when 14 people were detained. In general, during the years 2009 – 2014, 430 similar crimes were prevented and 294 people criminal was captured.

However, it should be noted that the protection of the property of the owner is not the only challengeof Administration. Thus, when a security officer is in the service is readyfor any unlawful activity, including robbery, robbery, rape, robbery and intention of the property, assault, vehicle theft, illegal sale and storage of drugs such asto prevent unlawful acts.

In this regard, the General Security Department within 2 months of the end of 2014 was able to prevent 31 murdersand to catch 36 criminal people. In 2009 - 2014 were prevented 702 such violations of the law, and 826 people from investigating authorities were handed over to the offender. Also, the first 2 months of 2014, in the result of actions taken by the General Security Department 31 people were arrested, 225 people were in violation of the public order. Also, 8 fire incidents have been prevented. Protection Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan can be calledthe most mobile part of the MIA. Excellent technical support and training level of the staff in accordance with the highest professional, professionals working in the Department in maximal quick can investigatethe crime. The great experience in law enforcement activitiescaused to get the confidence of the population both in government institutions and corporate entities.